Green Screen

We come to your event, set up our lights, cameras and a custom backdrop that will allow us to put your party anywhere you want it.  Do you want to be dancing on Beale Street or maybe on the moon?  We can make it happen. Plus, we will add your event name, logo, and date to the foreground.  Each guest in the image can walk out at the end of the night with photos in hand! What a great keepsake! PLUS we will provide you a disc of all images to keep and share.

Candid Photography

Two photographers will intermingle with your guests and capture the candid moments so you can focus on creating the memories. All your images will be uploading for viewing, downloading and social sharing within two days after the event.  An available option that we offer includes having our computer operator onsite to format images and create a slideshow viewing at your event.

Event Videography

Two videographers will record your party highlights, special performances, concerts and life histories.  From your high school reunion to your granddaughter’s first recital, from your company’s holiday party to your fundraising concert, highlights will be captured in a 10-35 minute video complete with licensed music.

Party Package

Want a green screen, candid photography and videographer or any combination of the three?  Just let us know and we will be happy to quote.